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Polish PM Morawiecki: Polexit nothing but “fake news”

In September 2021, Law and Justice (PiS) passed the “On Poland’s membership in the EU and Poland’s sovereignty” resolution, which excluded any possibility of Poland departing the European Union (aka “Polexit”). Meanwhile, after the Constitutional Tribunal ruling that Polish Constitution is the supreme law in Poland, Civic Platform (PO) leader Donald Tusk has begun claiming […]
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The pro-EU protests in Warsaw organized by the opposition Constitutional Tribunal demonstration Donald Tusk European Union Commentary Poland

Opinion: Opposition’s ‘March of Dependence’ in Warsaw turned out to be a huge stumble

The pro-EU protests in Warsaw organized by the opposition were a display of Donald Tusk’s weakness and dishonesty, writes Editor-in-Chief of ‘Do Sieci’ weekly Jacek Karnowski

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What has Donald Tusk’s return to Polish politics changed?

Civic Platform’s opposition competitors have not changed their strategy and Law and Justice continues to bet on the promotion of the Polish Deal, writes political columnist of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily Michał Kolanko

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Tusk fears a new right-wing bloc in the European Parliament, says Polish MEP

European People’s Party leader Donald Tusk is making desperate claims that PM Morawiecki is organizing a “pro-Putin” bloc in the European Parliament with Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini, says Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski

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Donald Tusk’s government was easier for Moscow to manipulate than Poland under communist rule

By claiming that Civic Platform’s (PO) government was much more anti-Russian than Law and Justice’s (PiS), Donald Tusk is turning people’s brains to mush, writes Stanisław Janecki

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Hungary and Poland’s paths are set to cross once again

Marek Jurek, former Speaker of the Polish Parliament, argues that the parting of the ways between Viktor Orban’s Fidesz and the rest of the European People’s Party will bring a major change in Hungary’s approach to the EU

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Morawiecki: The best scenario would be no Brexit

“The best Brexit scenario would be the one in which Britons would decide to remain in the European Union,” said PM Mateusz Morawiecki during the World Economic Forum in Davos. The PM also alluded to the words of Donald Tusk that the Brexit referendum was stupid and not agreed upon.

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Crime Donald Tusk murder Paweł Adamowicz Poland Politics News

Tusk’s farewell to the murdered mayor of Gdańsk

Dozens of rallies were held throughout Poland in memory of Gdańsk mayor Paweł Adamowicz. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk brought up fond memories of the deceased mayor at one such rally in Gdańsk, but could not refrain from politicizing his speech.

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Donald Tusk Jarosław Kaczyński Piotr Gliński Poland Politics Public Debate Commentary

“PiS is treated like the Jews were by Goebbels,” says deputy PM Gliński

Law and Justice (PiS) is treated like the Jews were by Joseph Goebbels, claims Polish Deputy PM and minister of culture Piotr Gliński. The minister explained how the opposition used a “tactic of hatred”.

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100th anniversary Donald Tusk Grzegorz Schetyna Independence March Jarosław Kaczyński Poland Commentary

A good day for Poland

The 11th of November was an important, beautiful and good day for Poland, writes Michał Karnowski. The Sieci weekly journalist declares that Poland’s Independence Anniversary was a “knock out victory over evil people”.

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German owned media influence over Tusk tapes

Former PM Waldemar Pawlak discussed the influence of German-owned media over Civic Platform (PO) rule with billionaire Michał Sołowow. TVP Info has revealed their tapes in answer to’s attempts to discredit PM Mateusz Morawiecki.

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Andrzej Duda Donald Tusk Mateusz Morawiecki Poland Politics Tadeusz Pieronek Commentary

The real reason for Tusk’s visit to Kraków

One does not need to be a prophet to see Donald Tusk’s recent visit to Kraków as building the foundations for a presidential campaign against incumbent Andrzej Duda. Jerzy Jachowicz explains the truth behind Donald Tusk’s recent appearances.

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Tusk enters the game

Donald Tusk expected to have a hero’s welcome in Kraków. Instead, only a handful of people went to greet him at the Main Square. The President of the European Council responded to the Polish PM’s jibe at Tusk not working enough during his terms as PM and “kicking the ball around” instead.

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Brexit Donald Tusk Emmanuel Macron EU Poland Theresa May UK News

British tabloid showcases the true face of European leaders

The Sun depicts Donald Tusk and Emmanuel Macron as gangsters and dirty rats in front page news. TVP Info reminds us that former President Bronisław Komorowski praised Tusk’s nomination to European President, as “strengthening Poland’s position in Europe”.

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