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Head of Poland’s episcopate calls abortion on demand a ‘Nazi law’

Donald Tusk, the leader of Poland’s liberal opposition party, Civic Platform (PO), announced in August that his party would back the introduction of abortion on demand in the next parliament and oblige all of its MPs to vote for it regardless of their personal views; he also said no opponents of abortion would be allowed […]
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By opposing key merger of state oil firms Donald Tusk is backing Russia Abortion Civic Platform Donald Tusk Parliamentary Elections Commentary Poland
3M AGOAbortion Civic Platform Donald Tusk Parliamentary Elections Commentary Poland

Tusk’s bombshell support for abortion in Poland is a game-changer

Donald Tusk’s announcement that his party will make it a priority in the next parliament to introduce legislation to make abortion available on demand for up to the end of the 12th week of pregnancy could be a game-changer in Polish politics, writes Michał Szułdrzyński for “Rzeczpospolita”

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