The priest who refused Joe Biden communion offers us hope: opinion

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Despite the revisionist voices appearing within the Catholic Church, there are still priests who adhere to the rules of Christian faith and give us hope.

I haven’t been so impressed in a long time, as when Father Robert Morey from the St. Anthony parish in South Carolina refused to give communion to former Vice President Joe Biden, who is currently running to become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Instead of praising the candidate for his progressive approach to sexual minorities and abortion, Morey adhered to the rules of his faith and simply said, “No”. He added that he will pray for Biden, but he cannot let him receive communion because he publicly supports abortion.

I wonder how many priests and Church hierarchs would have made such a gesture. For years I have remembered in clear detail the moment in which President Bronisław Komorowski received communion when his party’s approach to killing unborn children was widely known.

None of our priests even thought of chasing him out of the church and encouraging him to repent or be a better person. That would have been to grave an insult to his “majesty”.

Bad things are happening in the Church and the synod in Amazonia has confirmed that Pope Francis is not (or does not want to) control the situation. This smells of heresy and a schism.