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Pope John Paul I to be beatified

On Wednesday, head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to one of his predecessors, according to The Vatican. John Paul I, who headed the church in 1978 for only 33 days, will be beatified and, perhaps, later canonized. The date of the beatification of John Paul I has […]
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‘Poles should not be ashamed of their history’ – National hero who resisted communism, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, beatified in Warsaw

The battle for Poland is taking place not only in the chambers of parliament but also in the area of prayer, says historian professor Andrzej Nowak

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No worse vision for the world than the one shown in John Lennon’s “Imagine”, says American bishop

According to bishop Robert Barron, the anti-religious ideas presented in “Imagine” are the same line of thinking which led to the evils of totalitarianism

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“Our Pope” exhibition opens in Kraków

The newest John Paul II exhibition in Kraków opens today, on the 40th anniversary of Karol Wojtyła becoming the Pope. “From all my heart, I hope that the Holy Pope will work among us once again,” retired pope Benedict XVI told the organizers.

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“Kler” initiated a brutal invasion into Catholic life

The Left’s hypocrisy shows when they march into our lives in the same manner that they accuse the Church of doing so. As the movie Kler (“Clergy”) breaks a 30 year box office opening weekend record in Polish cinemas, Przemysław Harczuk uncovers how the left, in their struggle with the Church, invades Polish lives.

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