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Czech paradox: The nation of atheists has a ‘Christian government’

Following the recent change of government, half of the members of the government of Petr Fiala are part of Christian churches. Given the fact that Czechia is a nation known for its strong atheist leanings, experts believe that political conflicts may arise over “ethical” issues, which has already occurred during the discussion of same-sex couple […]
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Catholic church Christianity Culture Film Jerzy Urban Poland Wojciech Smarzowski Commentary
3 YEARS AGOCatholic church Christianity Culture Film Jerzy Urban Poland Wojciech Smarzowski Commentary

“Kler” initiated a brutal invasion into Catholic life

The Left’s hypocrisy shows when they march into our lives in the same manner that they accuse the Church of doing so. As the movie Kler (“Clergy”) breaks a 30 year box office opening weekend record in Polish cinemas, Przemysław Harczuk uncovers how the left, in their struggle with the Church, invades Polish lives.

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