“Kler” initiated a brutal invasion into Catholic life

The Left’s hypocrisy shows when they march into our lives in the same manner that they accuse the Church of doing so. As the movie Kler (“Clergy”) breaks a 30 year box office opening weekend record in Polish cinemas, Przemysław Harczuk uncovers how the left, in their struggle with the Church, invades Polish lives.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The anti-Christian and anti-catholic atmosphere accompanying the movie “Kler”– watched by a million people so far in cinemas – is not only a way for anti-clericals to relieve themselves, it’s also an invasion into the lives of Catholics.

Proof? The triumph of people such as Jerzy Urban, a propagandist and civilian murder apologist from Poland’s communist era. So are the attacks of liberal newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” who finally can give release to its hatred due to the publication of an anti-clerical movie.

What is more important than Urban and “Wyborcza” is the third element – the brutal marching into our lives.


An example of this are the speeches of Wojciech Smarzowski, the director of “Kler” who goes on about how amazing it is that masses in the Czech Republic happen only once a week, whereas in Poland you have a few masses daily.

It is those words which show the greatest disdain. They are an encroachment into the sphere of belief which according to Smarzowski himself is meant to be an intimate one.

I’ve had friends who found support and peace in the Church, including myself. Therefore, Smarzowski with his words invades our lives and wants to govern them.

He wants to take something important away from us. By speaking of freedom, he does exactly what he criticizes the Church of doing.


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