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The highest authority of “Gazeta Wyborcza”

Poland is at an all-time low child impoverishment threat rate, reports Eurostat. 2017 saw a 6.3 percentage point decrease from 24.2 to 17.9 percent. Only Romania saw a larger decrease.
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“Kler” initiated a brutal invasion into Catholic life

The Left’s hypocrisy shows when they march into our lives in the same manner that they accuse the Church of doing so. As the movie Kler (“Clergy”) breaks a 30 year box office opening weekend record in Polish cinemas, Przemysław Harczuk uncovers how the left, in their struggle with the Church, invades Polish lives.

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Twitter battle over Sigismund III Vasa in a “Constitution” t-shirt

The Polish opposition draped a “KONSTYTUCJA” (“Constitution”) t-shirt over the statue of Sigismund III Vasa in Warsaw, then posted pictures of their work on Twitter. The Polish twitter sphere was not so impressed.

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