Polish primate Stefan Wyszyński to be beatified

Wyszyński was often called the Primate of the Millennium.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polskie Radio 24
via: PAP

Pope Francis confirmed the decree for the beatification on October 3rd and will be conducted by the Pope’s envoy, Cardinal-prefect Giovanni Angelo Becciu.

In 1988, it was reported that a group of nuns and other persons prayed through Wyszyńki’s intercession to heal a 19-year-old with thyroid cancer. The patient’s return to health could not be medically explained and was considered permanent. It is considered as one of the miracles needed by the Catholic Church for beatification.

The beatification process was initiated in 1989, eight years after Wyszyński’s death. Vatican authorities confirmed the miracle and the decree was accepted by the commission of theologists. The final stage was the recent confirmation of the decree by the commission of cardinals and bishops.


The decree itself is headed by the words of John Paul II to cardinal Wyszyński from October 30th, 1979:

“I have always been convinced that the Holy Spirit called Your Eminency in a special moment in the history of the fatherland and the Church – and not just the Polish Church, but the one throughout the world. I looked at that difficult, but also a blessed call since my youth and I thanked God for it, as it was a blessing for the Church and Poland.”

Stefan Wyszyński was born on August 3rd, 1901. In 1920 he entered the seminary in Włocławek and took his priestly vows in 1924. During German occupation, he led conspiracy education and was a chaplain in the Home Army. In 1948 he was named the Gniezno-Warsaw Archbishop and Primate of Poland.

Wyszyński had been arrested multiple times by the communist government, but was finally freed in 1956. In his biography, his defense of human and national rights in the face of social conflicts is often emphasized.

After being chosen as Pope, John Paul II had told Wyszyński on October 16th, 1978 that “there would not be a Polish Pope in the Holy See if it weren’t for your faith, your heroic hope and your utter trust in the Church’s Mother.”

Primate Wyszyński died on May 28th, 1981.


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