Leaders of the Catholic Church gather in Bratislava

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The Catholic Church has given valuable assistance to refugees and migrants crossing its territory, and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are negatively affected by the exodus of young people.

“It cannot be ignored that the main cause of this phenomenon is that, in the course of the last thirty years, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, despite their adherence to the Western world, have not yet been integrated as equal partners – and the differences in the average wages between the countries of the European West and those of Central and Eastern Europe have remained enormous. It will therefore be necessary to find a different way of integrating these countries into the Western world: a way that shall guarantee the equal dignity of these countries and their citizens,” says the CCEE.

The bishops are pointing out that education reforms are necessary for the future of these countries and the consumerism is increasingly confronted with the risk of being unjust. “It is necessary that the Central and Eastern European countries are treated fairly in the economic relations of the Western world,” a statement read. The bishops realize the uncertainty of the countries connected with the migration crisis, they state that the Christians must do everything to help their countries of origin to solve the problems that cause migration.

The body is also worried about the spread of a gender ideology, concealed also in the well-known Convention of Istanbul. “We must do everything to help Europe return to its natural and Christian roots. Its institutions, including the courts, should respect the autonomy of Central and Eastern European countries in the cultural and ethical sphere,” the statement concluded.

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