Polish priest sentenced in Germany for “inciting hate”

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Professor of theology Dariusz Oko, who is also a Polish priest, published an academic article in the “Thelogisches” magazine concerning a criminal group within the Catholic church whose activities are connected with homosexual practices. The group worked in detriment to youth and also abused clergy who were dependent on it.

A court in Cologne sentenced Oko for this article, charging him with “incitement of hate”. Polish Deputy Justice Minister Marcin Romanowski emphasized that, through this verdict, the German court has trampled on academic freedom.

“We are dealing with a situation in which a prominent academic, Dariusz Oko, along with a German theologian with substantial scientific achievements, have published an academic article which has uncovered the activity of a group of homosexual rapists within the Church, and this was deemed ‘incitement of hate’ by a German court,” he stated. The German professor in question is 90-year-old old Father Johannes Stohr, who is the editor-in-chief of “Thelogisches”.

Minister Romanowski added that the court has shown that it cares more about the abusers than the victims themselves. He stressed that the verdict shows anti-Polish prejudice and the madness of leftist gender ideology.

“This is a reminder that we cannot permit such paranoia in Poland. We cannot let this political correctness, which has become absurd, to not only limit academic freedom but to also put perpetrators above victims,” Romanowski said.

Father Dariusz Oko:

When one comes in conflict with the mafia then one must be prepared for its response and punishment.

The article explained the mechanisms which led to the rise of the shamed Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to the highest positions within the church. The text also pointed to the consistent opinions of Pope Francis, former Pope Benedict XVI, and other Church hierarchs on the matter.

Polish Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture was Dariusz Oko’s defender in court.

In an interview for TVP Info, Father Oko explained that the text was written based on vat amounts of knowledge from all around the world: from ordinary people, police, and secret services.

“I have collated well-known facts about homosexuals in cassocks. I speak about the structure, the system, and how the ‘lavender mafia’ plays the same role as the one in Sicily,” he said.

Father Oko emphasized that “when one comes in conflict with the mafia then one must be prepared for its response and punishment”. He declared, however, that no matter what, he had to defend the Church.

“I must defend young boys, the clergy, and young priests, because I have much information about how they are threatened, molested, and even raped by members of the ‘lavender mafia’,” he stressed.

The legal basis for the sentence is Article 130 of the German penal code, which mentions “inciting hate”. Ordo Iuris pointed out, that fragments of the article were taken out of context. It also initiated an online petition to defend Father Oko.

Title image of Father Dariusz Oko. (source: Wikipedia.)

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