German cardinal: ‘Poland is not a child to be reprimanded by incompetent politicians from the West’

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller touched on the current conflict of values within Europe and the West’s pressure on Poland and Hungary in an interview for Catholic Radio Maryja.

“We are living through a tragic farce in which European institutions criticize Poland and Hungary in the name of European values. These so-called ‘values’ invent the right to murder unborn children or change genders,” he said. Muller pointed out that if such laws are considered European values, and if countries that stand behind protecting life from conception are being attacked, then the entire system of moral values has been upended.

He also believes that Western Europe’s approach towards Poland is scandalous. The cardinal emphasized Poland’s suffering in the name of freedom, rule of law, and democracy over the last 200 years.

“I find it to be a great injustice that people in the West who have no clue about what’s happening in Poland and are receiving huge sums of money from EU institutions are reprimanding Polish citizens. I call for every Pole to not permit such self-conceit and impunity,” he said.

“Poland is not a child which should be reprimanded by incompetent politicians from the West,” the cardinal declared.

In Muller’s opinion, it is Poland that has maintained its culture, language, ethnic identity, and Catholic faith, which has become the binding heart of the nation.

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller:

These so-called European values are creating the right to murder unborn children or change genders.

He also stressed that EU pressure exacted on Poland through blackmail using EU funds should not take place. The cardinal pointed out that the funds were not the money of European politicians, but rather of European taxpayers.

He underscored that, as free citizens, Poles are able to democratically accept or reject a government – no European tribunal or politicians have the moral right to tell Poles that they voted the wrong way. This is why, in his opinion, European politicians are trying to intimidate Poles for so long as they vote according to their preferences.

The cardinal emphasized that it is necessary to shape proper relations between human dignity and the world itself. For example, it cannot be said that human beings should die to save the climate. He emphasized that humans are God’s most important creations and the universe was shaped to serve humankind.

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