The campaign against John Paul II is a false flag attack

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
3 Min Read

They waited a long time for this moment. While they had done much harm in the past, they had stopped at an attack on what was most sacred. They were simply afraid, and courage was never their strong point. Any campaign against a pope who was Polish, who had led the revolt against communism, and who was such a great communicator, would have been suicidal for them. But their moment has now arrived. 

A hate campaign has been unleashed against Saint John Paul II. As is usually the case in such circumstances, it is taking place under a false flag. No one is attacking faith or the Church directly. The narrative is that it’s all about protecting the weak and seeking truth. Never mind that millions of young people have been demoralized via the media, sex educators and LGBT clubs.

Their methods are always the same. A well-framed accusation is hard to combat, as you have to prove your innocence and they do not have to prove your guilt. This is what happened to Pope Pius XII, who did more to save Jews than the leaders of the free world and ended up with the label of being “Hitler’s pope.”

The attack on him started after his death and much of this attack was rehashed in a play entitled “Governor” by Rolf Hochmuth. Fifty years later, we learned that he had been tasked with writing this play by General Ivan Agayan, a Soviet secret services operative who specialized in disinformation. It was the general who in 1963 supplied Hochmuth with evidence fabricated with the assistance of the Securitate as part of the KGB operation “Seat -12.”

The left and the media ran with it and publicized the play all over the globe. Even though researchers managed to unmask the lies, the image of the pope blessing Nazis and sending Jews to the gas chamber prevailed. 

Will the attempt to make Pope John Paul II the patron saint of pedophiles, on the basis of a documentary in which the key witnesses come from communist secret police files, actually succeed? The fight is on. It is an attempt to remove the last thing that unites the Poles. The stakes are very high. 

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