Polish Catholic leader calls for trust in God as coronavirus spreads

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As coronavirus spreads across Europe, Catholic Archbishop and Primate of Poland Wojciech Polak said that Poles were in the hands of God and that he would not leave his people alone at moments of illness and suffering.

“Do not be afraid. We are in the hands of the Lord. He will not leave us alone at a time of illness and suffering. The pandemic has not been sent us by God. He is love. Love which inspires us in difficult times and leads us to help our neighbors, show solidarity and take responsibility praying for each other and for the epidemic to relent,” said Archbishop Polak.

Polak also thanked Poles for showing solidarity and health workers for their selfless commitment to fighting the virus.

The archbishop said he found it sad and difficult to believe that the run-up to Easter is having to proceed in the absence of many of the faithful due to the coronavirus crisis.

He added that the spread of the epidemic was unsettling but pleaded for people to exercise caution and stay calm, which Poles have already successfully done in the last few days.

Polak also thanked Poles for behaving responsibly, as well as for understanding the need for sacrifices.

The archbishop also issued a warning, saying that there are siren calls from those peddling false information and apocalyptic predictions which should not be repeated, as they only serve to spread fear.

As of today, Poland has reported 238 coronavirus cases and five deaths since the outbreak began. The country has implemented strict border controls and refuses to permit any foreigners from entering the country.

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