Piťha won´t be prosecuted for criticism of the Istanbul Convention

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to the prosecutor, Petra Piťha’s speech was primarily a criticism of the Istanbul Convention. “It cannot be ruled out that it was a calculated exaggeration of the text ad absurdum – see references to concentration camps, homosexuality superiority or status below the level of animals – with the aim to alert critics of the ratification of the Convention and by this achieve a rejection of its ratification,” the prosecutor explained. Nevertheless, no suspicion of a crime was found.

The Czech Women’s Lobby is, however, satisfied with the decision. According to the organization, the prosecutor confirmed that the preaching did not rely on facts and was a misinterpretation of an international document.

During his sermon on Saint Wenceslas’s day in St. Vitus Cathedral, Petr Piťha criticized the Istanbul Convention when he called the documents undemocratic and dictatorial, and he accused its authors of inspiration of Marxism and Nazism.


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