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The European Parliament calls on Czechia and other countries to ratify the Istanbul Convention

In a debate on violence against women in the European Union, MEPs called on Czechia and five other member states to ratify, without further delay, the Istanbul Convention, which focuses on combating domestic and sexual violence. Many legislators believe that there is no need to wait for the convention to be approved by individual member […]
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Czech Republic Istanbul Convention Petr Pitha Commentary
3 YEARS AGOCzech Republic Istanbul Convention Petr Pitha Commentary

Piťha: Your families will be torn apart

At the end of October, Catholic priest Petr Piťha´s sermon, in which he criticized the Istanbul Convention, attracted the attention of the Church and the public. For the first time since then, Piťha has published a commentary, in which he specified his reasoning of the major points of critique.

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Czech Republic Istanbul Convention News
3 YEARS AGOCzech Republic Istanbul Convention News

The IC is unnecessary and dangerous

All the criticism of the Istanbul Convention in the Czech Republic could be summarized in a simple statement – it does not improve anything. Our legal system is advanced enough in the matter of preventing domestic violence but the problem is, how history has taught us many times, every pointless regulation is dangerous as it could be easily misused.

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