Poland’s justice minister launches motion to revoke Istanbul Convention

Polish justice minister takes formal step towards ending Istanbul Convention in the country

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Reczy

Polish Minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced that he has sent an official notice to the Minister of Family, Labor and Social policy to renounce the Istanbul Convention, adding that the government is fulfilling its campaign obligation with the latest action.

Ziobro warned that partsof the document have an ideological agenda which attacks women and defines gender by solely to the social-cultural level.

He described the convention as a “collection of postulates”, which if enacted, would increase social conflict and domestic violence. He pointed out that the convention does not even include alcoholism or drug addiction as causes for domestic violence.

The minister emphasized that the part of the document which concerns violence is completely accepted by Poland but that the second section is problematic.

“We believe that it does not lead to the improvement of the situation of women, but rather, may even lead to a severe worsening of their current position,” he explained. As Remix News previously reported, Poland is one of the safest countries in Europe for women based on statistics related to domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rape.


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