TVN censors justice minister's press conference Censorship Media Polish judiciary reforms TVN Zbigniew Ziobro Commentary Poland

TVN, US-owned channel in Poland, censors minister’s press conference

The scene was well set. During a press conference held by Poland’s justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro, Discovery-owned TVN was ready to pounce, copying what had been done to President Trump by CNN. On Tuesday, the European Commission disclosed that it is petitioning the European Court of Justice to fine Poland for violating an injunction with […]
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EU budget Jarosław Kaczyński Mateusz Morawiecki Poland Rule-of-law Solidarity Poland veto Zbigniew Ziobro Commentary

The political death of Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro

Polish Justice minister Ziobro’s bluff concerning the EU budget veto revealed his weakness and has shown PM Morawiecki’s strength, writes columnist of Rzeczpospolita daily Jacek Nizinkiewicz

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budget EU funds Hungary Mateusz Morawiecki Orbán Viktor Poland Rule of law mechanism Zbigniew Ziobro News

Polish and Hungarian PMs claim EU budget victory, but ruling coalition in Poland is in danger

Leader of PiS coalition partner Zbigniew Ziobro called the deal in Brussels a mistake against which his party had repeatedly warned

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Agreement Jarosław Gowin Jarosław Kaczyński PiS Poland Solidarity Poland United Right Zbigniew Ziobro News

Polish coalition government avoids collapse after United Right reaches new consensus agreement

The new deal between Law and Justice (PiS) and its junior partners entails a joint start in elections, rules on reducing ministries, and the creation of a special legislation council

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corruption Finances KNF scandal Poland Zbigniew Ziobro Commentary

“Our state is no longer theoretical,” says Ziobro

Polish Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro criticized the previous Civic Platform government’s methods of fighting corruption. “Today, our state is no longer theoretical. It works practically, efficiently and quickly,” says the minister commenting on the KNF corruption scandal.

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