Kaczyński: Anyone who tries to break up the United Right is working against Poland, Polish families and values

Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński believes Poland has a great opportunity to push the country forward thanks to the money from the EU recovery fund

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polsat News/PAP

Recently PiS’s coalition partners within the ruling United Right have presented differing opinions concerning several issues: energy, the EU recovery fund and local elections. Jarosław Kaczyński has thus been asked whether the United Right actually remains united.

“We are dealing with an issue, which is of course very sad. Poland is currently in a very difficult situation due to the pandemic. At the same time, it’s in a situation that gives us huge opportunities. These opportunities can be seized, but the condition for that is unity. Meanwhile, it turns out that particular motives prevail and often, I suspect, simply personal ones,” he said.

Kaczyński evaluated that at stake is the future of Poland over the next few years and the upcoming elections, as well as avoiding disaster for the country — the disaster being the opposition taking over power in Poland.

He said that a great opportunity for Poland is the proposed New Polish Order, based on the resources from the EU recovery fund, which is meant to be a huge boost for many Polish families. It is a serious proposal for Polish society and a completely new design compared to PiS’s previous social programs, which had merely been extensions of the party’s program from 2008.

Kaczyński warned that while the fate of the country and Polish families can be improved, they can also be pushed into disaster.

“Those who are currently playing all sorts of selfish games are just pushing us toward a tragedy. They are also using very disgusting methods at the same time – fake leaks from closed-door deliberations,” he said.

Jarosław Kaczyński emphasized, as the leader of the United Right, that “whoever currently is trying to break up the Right, and this includes the refusal to vote, is working against Poland, Polish families and Polish values.”

He admitted, however, that PiS does not want to destroy its allies and will gladly continue governing Poland with its current coalition partners but under the condition that this rule is based on values meant to benefit Poland.

He emphasized that while there should be discussions concerning everything, the most important decisions must be made together to present a unified front.

Kaczyński stated that he did not want to consider the options of leading a minority government.

“We’ll see what will happen at the vote over the EU recovery fund. We are taking this path and if someone wants to bear responsibility for it not working out, then they will go down very poorly in Polish history,” he said.

Zbigniew Ziobro’s Solidarity Poland (SP), one of PiS’s coalition partners, does not want to accept the EU recovery fund. SP is also opposing reforming the energy sector, which other EU states including Poland have agreed upon. One of SP’s deputy ministers, Janusz Kowalski, lost his position after criticizing the government.


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