Piťha: Your families will be torn apart

At the end of October, Catholic priest Petr Piťha´s sermon, in which he criticized the Istanbul Convention, attracted the attention of the Church and the public. For the first time since then, Piťha has published a commentary, in which he specified his reasoning of the major points of critique.

editor: REMIX NEWS
  1. Your families will be torn apart. It will be enough to say to your children that men and women are different.
  2. They will take your children, not telling you where they moved them to. A false accusation will be sufficient to do so.

The first two points of the sermon are based on Article 45, paragraph 3, of the Istanbul Convention, whereby parental rights may be withdrawn in the best interests of the child. A new law in the Canadian state of Ontario from 2017 allows the removal of a child from the family if the parents do not respect its gender identity or disagree with LGBTQI or gender ideology. The Convention would allow the same.

  1. Determining the sex of your newborn baby by looking into their lap will be canceled.
  2. The child will decide on its sex.

These points are based on an interpretation of a paragraph in Article 53, which defines the categories of persons who do not correspond to the “male” or “female” categories. Such an agenda is already successfully pursued, for example, by introducing gender-neutral language.

  1. For every disagreement, you will be deported to an education/detention center.

The Istanbul Convention seeks to project the gender ideology into children’s education as well as a “re-education” of adults. For example, according to Article 14 of the Convention, there are, in the formal curriculum at all levels of education, materials on, among other things, gender non-stereotypical roles or the right to personal integrity. These principles are already reflected in existing legislation. In September, the Swiss Chamber of Deputies has included homophobia and transphobia in the Criminal Code as well as discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.


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