PM Morawiecki: Istanbul Convention may not be compatible with Polish constitution

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that in public discussion, many people have made serious accusations about the Istanbul Convention, including that it conflicts with the Polish legal system and constitution, has an ideological basis that wrongly defines the true sources of violence against women, and does not include the right tools to combat domestic violence.

He stressed that these were all very serious accusations, which should be addressed in the right way.

“As the government, we share some of those concerns, and we have a right to believe that the document may not be compatible with the constitution in terms of state impartiality concerning issues of worldview and the right of parents to raise children in accordance with their own conscience,” the head of government explained.

Morawiecki announced that he had put forward an idea to the Constitutional Court, asking for an investigation into the compatibility of the Convention with the constitution.