Czech Republic may not ratify the Istanbul Convention

According to information gathered by Lidové noviny, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in the Czech Parliament is uncertain.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Czech Republic is among ten countries that have still not ratified the Istanbul Convention. As it is an international treaty, both chambers of the Parliament must agree before completing the ratification process.

Following the October elections, conservatives held a majority in the Czech Senate. And while the Civic Democrats and the Mayors and Independents are rather reluctant regarding the Convention, Christian Democrats are strongly against it.

The ultimate aim of the Istanbul Convention is to eradicate violence and discrimination against women for being women. It demands an effective promotion of an equal approach to women and men. There are no mentions of a sexual orientation or the changing face of a family.

The Istanbul Convention hasn’t been an issue in the Czech Republic, only until catholic priest Petr Piťha condemned it during his sermon. Piťha warned against ‘twisted laws’ threatening ‘traditional families’ and against a future where ‘homosexuals will be the superior class’.


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