Can Europe realistically solve the migration crisis?

Migrants wait to be transferred from Lampedusa Island, Italy, Friday, Sept. 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Valeria Ferraro)
By Dénes Albert
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President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola hailed the recently approved migration pact as a major step forward. Her words suggested that the European Union as a whole had taken a decision that put the issue of migration in a framework that is acceptable to all inhabitants of the continent.

But this couldn’t be further from reality. It is perhaps worth reflecting a little on what has been going on and what the migration pact that has now been agreed upon is all about. The word “pact” means “agreement,” so we should assume that it is really about a compromise that everyone can agree on. But what has actually come about is not a pact, but a dictate imposed on the whole of Europe by the global ruling system.

It cannot be otherwise, when a unified narrative on migration has not only not been established, but the ruling elites of the European Union have done and are doing everything possible to place the issue of migration in the same false interpretative framework and to describe it with the same false set of concepts that have prevented the creation not of a dictate, but of a real pact.

This is nothing new, and the major issues affecting the world, including Europe, such as migration, climate change, coronavirus, and the conflict, which on the surface appears to be a Russian-Ukrainian war, are all dominated by false narratives. A total rejection of this narrative was announced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who categorically stated that the European Parliament can decide whatever it wants, but Hungary will not implement it.

But, is there any chance of a deal on migration based on a real narrative? If we look only at the political-technical surface, the reactions suggest that there is no technical possibility, let alone a substantive solution.

However, in the midst of the whirlwind of false narratives, this approach has so far only been able to appear at the level of empty promises. The most profound cause of the permanent global migration crisis is that the social, economic, ecological, and cultural reproduction patterns of the “tri-continental zone,” i.e., Latin America, South Asia, and Africa, have been so distorted by the brutal plundering of the West that the devastating consequences are now falling back on the world of the European Christian white man, also on a degenerative slope.

The destructive network of global NGOs is disingenuously and falsely trying to “solve” this historical chaos created by the global power system by fully “liberating” the consequences of this historical chaos created by the colonial white man and “reintroducing” it back to Europe.

Their criticism of the present pact indicates that they have not quite achieved this, but let there be no doubt that they have not only not given up this ambition but will make more brutal attempts than ever to achieve it. The European Parliament elections will show what chance they have.

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