Worst Christmas ad ever? Norwegian postal service mocks Christians

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The Norwegian postal service has just released this season’s most anti-Christian ad, designed entirely to mock Christanity during the time when Christians are supposed to be celebrating the most. 

In essence, the just over one-minute ad raises (and answers) the question about who Jesus’ father could have been, barring immaculate conception.

In the company’s interpretation, it is was a postman who met Mary while delivering a letter to the family. The ad was meant to show how important postal services are and how much they are part of Christmas.

Though business interests and advertising rarely take into consideration moral values, this particular ad has gone too far. Not only questioning but also ridiculing fundamental Christian values at a time when Christianity is the most threatened religion in the world shows just how much Christianity has been devalued in the 21st century.

Other religions would not tolerate the endless mocking Christians seem to endure in the world of advertising, Hollywood and popular culture, but Christians seem to put up with it every year.

This is Europe today.

Title image: Caption from the Norwegian Post’s Christmas ad (Youtube)

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