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‘Christianity gave Europe a vision’ – Hungarian MEP László Trócsányi warns Europe will disappear without her Christian faith

The Christmas season not only reinforces just how important Christianity is to Europeans as individuals, but on a broader level, it also highlights that the entire civilizational foundation of the continent is based on the Christian faith, writes Hungarian MEP László Trócsányi. In explaining the vital role Christianity has played in the development of European […]
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3 YEARS AGOChristmas Jesus Christ Jordan B. Peterson Joseph Ratzinger Poland Commentary

The Birth of Christ was a “scandalous event”

In a modern “world of lights”, we may be unable to appreciate the true light of Christmas, write Katarzyna and Andrzej Zybertowicz for “Sieci” weekly. The authors refer to the words of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who wrote in his autobiography that the Birth of Christ was a “scandalous event” because of its squalor and almost ungodliness.

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