Poles are changing the way they celebrate Christmas, poll finds

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The current economic situation and trends in the economy, religion, and technology have changed the way Poles celebrate Christmas, a survey by the prezentmarzeń.pl portal shows.

Some 39 percent of Poles plan to spend significantly less money on Christmas celebrations than in the previous years, while just 29 percent expect to have the same budget as last year. Meanwhile, 17 percent of respondents have saved up more money for Christmas to make sure that it will be enough to cover the increased cost.

The place where Poles spend Christmas has changed the most, with 31 percent of respondents believing that it is not important where they spend the holiday but with whom. A total of 16 percent are increasingly willing to use the Christmas period to rest at home, while 12 percent plan to go on a trip for Christmas to rest.

Interestingly, as many as 44 percent of Poles spend Christmas watching television, while 22 percent choose to go out on a walk. Very few people spend the festive season in a traditional way, for example, just 17 percent plan to sing Christmas carols.

The zero-waste trend is a permanent part of the celebrations, with 35 percent of Poles believing that gifts should be given in eco-friendly packaging. Furthermore, 32 percent think there should be no food waste.

Almost a quarter of Poles (22 percent) believe that gifts should be given in the form of experiences, such as dancing classes, massages, off-road driving or even parachute jumps.

Close to 40 percent of respondents will prepare less than the traditional 12 dishes for the Christmas Eve meal. Most plan to prepare food according to the number of guests, while 27 percent say the number of dishes does not matter at all.

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