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Inflation to peak soon in Poland, predicts chief economist

The annual rate of inflation in Poland is now 15.6 percent, according to the Central Office of Statistics (GUS) with many commentators believing the rate will continue to increase until autumn. Others believe that the rate of inflation will peak in July or August. Piotr Bujak, chief economist of Polish bank PKO BP, told Catholic […]
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Petr Fiala, Czechia, PM gas Inflation interview Oil embargo Petr Fiala Russian aggression Ukrainian refugees czech republic News
2M AGOgas Inflation interview Oil embargo Petr Fiala Russian aggression Ukrainian refugees czech republic News

We have not given up on fighting cost of living crisis, claims Czech PM

Fiala spoke about the consequences of inflation on Czech citizens, the ongoing debate surrounding Russian gas and oil supplies and proposed sanctions, and the need to solve the issue of benefit tourism among primarily Hungarian-speaking Roma.

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