Polish elections: Poll shows inflation and the economy are the most important campaign topics as national elections approach

Source: Twitter@KancelariaSejmu
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Most Poles believe the state of the Polish economy and the fight against inflation should be the primary topics during the upcoming parliamentary election campaign, according to a poll by SW Research for Poland’s Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

Respondents were asked what issue should be the main topic of the campaign before the parliamentary elections; they could only select one.

The highest number of respondents, 37.2 percent, selected the fight against inflation as the most significant issue, while 17.1 percent believed the state of the Polish economy should take center stage.

Another 14.9 percent of respondents advocated for focusing on the state of the rule of law in Poland, and 10 percent emphasized the need for healthcare reform.

Additionally, 4.9 percent of participants highlighted the significance of Poland’s position within the EU, 3.8 percent favored judiciary reform, and 2.8 percent were proponents of education reform.

Foreign policy emerged as the preferred main topic for 2.3 percent of respondents, while 2 percent underscored the importance of addressing environmental concerns. Only 0.8 percent of participants believe that the election campaign should revolve around a different topic altogether. Notably, 4.4 percent of respondents did not express a specific opinion on the matter.

Parliamentary elections in Poland are set to take place in the autumn, most likely on Oct. 15, while other possible dates include Oct. 22, Oct. 29 or Nov. 5.

Formally, the election campaign will begin when Poland’s president announces the election date, but the so-called pre-campaign has been underway for several months. The pre-campaign involves party program conventions, such as the Law and Justice (PiS) Program Convention. In addition, politicians frequently meet with voters, while the opposition Civic Platform (PO) held marches and rallies in June.

Pre-election polls indicate that either Law and Justice or the Civic Coalition (KO) will win the elections; most polls give Law and Justice the lead, but the trend in recent surveys has shown a narrowing gap between Law and Justice and KO.

The Confederation party has emerged as the third force in Polish politics and may hold the balance of power. The Third Way (Polish People’s Party and Poland 2050) and the New Left are also expected to enter the Sejm.

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