Most Poles drastically changing their vacation plans due to cost-of-living crisis

A beach in Niechorze on the Polish Baltic Coast.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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More than half of Poles, per a recent poll, have altered their vacation plans, with one in five giving up on their trip entirely as a result of record levels of inflation and rising prices for tourism-related activities, fuel, and food.

A survey by GfK reported that 57 percent of respondents have made significant changes to their vacation plans, with 21 percent abandoning trips due to the current cost-of-living crisis.

The “Current Consumer Mood” poll additionally found that 15 percent of respondents decided to limit their holiday to Poland

The research indicated that the majority of consumers are now concerned by rising costs, 81 percent by the rise in fuel prices, and 75 percent by the increase in food prices, while 69 percent and 60 percent are worried by the rise in electricity and gas prices, respectively. 

Most consumers expect prices to continue to move higher next year; 95 percent feel this is likely while 83 percent expect prices to rise at the same rate or more quickly over the coming months. Consumer confidence is therefore low. 

According to the GfK survey, the war in Ukraine and reports of problems at airports in Europe have also made people more reluctant to fly. The researchers therefore expect that many sectors dependent on travel and tourism will be affected by the propensity for belt-tightening among consumers, as well as by general consumer fear in the current war environment. 

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