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Czechia and Poland rated among friendliest countries to Ukraine

An overwhelming majority of Ukrainians consider the Czech Republic and Poland to be two of their country’s key allies as they attempt to defend their homeland against a Russia invasion, according to a newly published poll. The poll, conducted by the Rating Sociological Group and published at the end of last week, revealed that as […]
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EU funds European Commission National Recovery Plan survey News Poland
7M AGOEU funds European Commission National Recovery Plan survey News Poland

Survey: Majority of Poles are against European Commission blocking EU funding to Poland

49 percent of Poles believe that the European Commission’s refusal to pay out funds from the EU Recovery Fund is an entirely unacceptable form of pressure on the Polish government, states latest survey by Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS)

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4 YEARS AGOelections Poland Politics survey News

Survey: PiS are six points up, PO are seven points down

A catastrophic poll for the Polish opposition has been revealed. PiS is predicted to win 42 percent of the votes in the next parliamentary elections and Civic Platform (PO) only 20 percent. This is a 6 point increase for the ruling party and a 7 point decrease for the main opposition, polling agency Kantar Public reveals.

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