Czechs increasingly more satisfied with current political situation

Twenty-four percent of Czechs are satisfied with the current political situation, a recent survey shows. According to the CVVM agency, it is the highest share of satisfied respondents in a decade.

editor: REMIX NEWS

President Zeman still has high trust among people at 53 percent, while 44 percent of respondents trust the Government. Local councils and mayors remain the most trustworthy constitutional institutions and at the same time the Lower Chamber the least trustworthy.

The Chamber of Deputies improved by two percent compared to December, while the Senate increased by four percent. The most trusted are the municipal councils with 66 percent of satisfied respondents, and mayors who are trusted by 65 percent of people. Confidence in regional self-government has not changed much since December.

With the current political situation, 24 percent of survey respondents are satisfied, 39 percent are dissatisfied, and one third say they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. Compared to the previous survey, this means a four percent increase in satisfaction and a six percent drop in dissatisfaction. The survey took place between January 5th to 17th and included 1,087 people over 15 years of age.


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