Czech Republic praises relations with V4

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95 percent of citizens evaluated the Czech Republic’s relations with Slovakia positively. Followed by Poland, Hungary and Austria, praised equally by nine out of ten respondents.

According to a recent survey, the Czechs see their country’s relations with Germany positively (84pc), France (82pc), the UK (81pc), Italy (80pc) and the United States (78pc).

A little less satisfied are the relations with China and Japan, which only seven out of ten respondents viewed positively. However, positive perception of relations with China improved by 6 percent and negative dropped by 7 percent, which is the best result since 2008.

The perception of relations with Ukraine and Israel improved the most, if compared to the previous survey from January 2015, and Czech-Israel relations are evaluated most positively in the history of the survey.  

On the other side of the list would be Iran and Syria. Negative responses outweigh positive ones, which is also the case for Saudi Arabia.

The CVVM agency conducted the survey with 1,078 respondents in December 2018.

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