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Financial Times op-ed advises V4 countries to prepare for ‘demographic replenishment’ – not replacement – by Arabs and Asians

In an opinion piece penned last week for the Financial Times, self-described “global citizen” Parag Khanna claimed that the Visegrád countries – which he falsely characterized as fiscally strained – should prepare for “demographic replenishment” by Asians and Arabs to offset their aging populations.  “Today’s fiscally strained and depopulating Visegrád countries could fuse into a larger federation […]
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The risks of liberal democracy

Liberal Democrats want to get us back into the times of so called people´s democracies that the Visegrad Four countries wanted to get rid of once and for all. This is what analyst Hana Lipovska thinks about a document called “Central Europe in the next Seven Years”, published in the journal Visegrad Insights.

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