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Google to double in size in Poland, offers praise for Three Seas Initiative

Google is excited about the Three Seas region, as it believes it has enormous economic potential, especially with regard to digitization, said Google Vice-President Karan Bhatia in an interview with Polish news outlet 300gospodarka. He also claims that his company is ready to explore new means for supporting the Three Seas Initiative to increase the […]
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Czech Republic liberal democracy Visegrad Group Commentary
4 YEARS AGOCzech Republic liberal democracy Visegrad Group Commentary

The risks of liberal democracy

Liberal Democrats want to get us back into the times of so called people´s democracies that the Visegrad Four countries wanted to get rid of once and for all. This is what analyst Hana Lipovska thinks about a document called “Central Europe in the next Seven Years”, published in the journal Visegrad Insights.

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