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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Let us not fall victim to the divide-and-rule policy pursued by some Western and Eastern powers,’ says director of Polish-Hungarian cooperation institute

On April 18, the Wacław Felczak Institute of Polish-Hungarian Cooperation held a conference on the need for V4 cooperation and joint defense of the region’s interests in relations with Brussels. Unfortunately, the topic was somewhat overshadowed by a discussion about the different approaches of Hungary, on the one hand, and the other three V4 countries, […]
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Czech Republic liberal democracy Visegrad Group Commentary
5 YEARS AGOCzech Republic liberal democracy Visegrad Group Commentary

The risks of liberal democracy

Liberal Democrats want to get us back into the times of so called people´s democracies that the Visegrad Four countries wanted to get rid of once and for all. This is what analyst Hana Lipovska thinks about a document called “Central Europe in the next Seven Years”, published in the journal Visegrad Insights.

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