Czech President aims to strengthen Visegrad

Inspired by the so-called Aachen Treaty, Czech President Milos Zeman expressed his wish to strengthen cooperation between the Visegrad Group countries. Austria could also be involved, said Zeman in an interview for TV Barrandov.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Treaty of Aachen aims to deepen Franco-German cooperation in foreign policy, defense, economy and border region integration. Zeman said it inspired him to apply the strengthened cooperation pledge to the V4. Furthermore, Austria is free to join us in the effort if it wants to, “I’m going there in March so let’s see what they make of it,” he added.

Zeman believes that the unification of Europe should take place in transport, energy and IT networks. He said there are transnational matters you cannot cut off by borders, which means we can get back to diversity and variety, adding that all countries would only benefit from it.

The Franco-German treaty is supposed to strengthen Europe’s ability to act independently in foreign and security policy, and paves the way for Germany to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. According to Zeman, Franco-German cooperation won’t have any impact on the Czech Republic.


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