The risks of liberal democracy

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Democracy is a form of government in which political control is exercised by all the people. On the other hand, Liberal Democracy tends to prefer the interests of several small groups over the interests of society as a whole. However, the combination of two positive words has allowed the “liberal democracy” to penetrate into our political vocabulary.

As Liberal Democracy becomes a widely used term, sometimes it is difficult to understand what these kind of people want. According to Hana Lipovska, the guide can be found in the document called “Central Europe in the next Seven Years” which is something like a “manifesto of liberal democracy”.

The report has a clear message: Whoever follows the liberal path of the European Union is a good guy, whoever does not is a bad guy and will suffer. According to the report, liberalism is threatened by eurosceptics, patriots, old voters, US President Trump, Hungary, Turkey, China and Russia. On the contrary, liberals put their hopes for a better future into young people, civil society, European democracy and the rule of law, the European Union and NATO.

Liberals are recommending for example a kind of education to Europeanism as well as wanting the rest of the Visegrad Four countries to enter the Eurozone. According to them, it is not possible to only cherry pick.

Reading the whole report with its five outlined scenarios thoroughly, Lipovska thinks that there is only one possible conclusion – Liberal democracy is a strange faith in European integration. They admire the EU based on the Berlin-Paris axis that forgives its naughty Central European members and always comes to save them from bad, non-liberal influences. According to the authors, there is clearly nothing worse than a sovereign nation state that manages its affairs alone without fraternal help from Brussels.

One cannot avoid comparisons with a fanatical secular religion, Lipovska wrote in her commentary. However, a true democrat cannot be a liberal democrat if he does not want to betray the principles of true democracy.

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