Inappropriate and exaggerated Juncker

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Romania is technically well prepared, according to European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, but is unable to make political compromises. “I think the government in Bucharest has not yet fully understood what it means to take over the presidency of the EU. Prudent negotiations require a willingness to listen to others, and the firm will keep their own interests aside, “Juncker said.

Although Romania does face its own internal political problems, Juncker’s words, according to experts, are exaggerated and it is too soon for such a verdict now. “I do not think Juncker can know how they can handle it before the presidency starts. This will be seen in the course of the process – especially during the negotiations on the multi-annual financial framework, “Jan Kovář, EU expert, says.

“It is definitely not ok from the European Commission chief. What he said was exaggerated. It is a typical example of the politicization of the European Commission that is totally useless. He did not help anyone, it was pointless and on the contrary, he even worsens the atmosphere – the cooperation of the Romanian Presidency with the European Commission is certainly not going to be easier,” Vít Dostál, an expert of the Association for International Affairs, thinks.

According to Dostál, the situation in Romania is “quite odd”, which shows the latest assessment by the European Commission which found that instead of improving the rule of law, the situation in the country is worse. However, selecting such words about Romania was not right or appropriate.

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