Which V4 capital offers the highest wages?

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In most career fields and positions within the Visegrad Group, employees can earn the highest wages in Prague, though there are exceptions, says the Grafton Recruitment Agency.

“The labor market in the Czech Republic is the most developed, and at the same time the tightest within the Visegrad Group. Compared to Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland, we still achieve the highest average wages, which may be motivating for job seekers from neighboring countries,” says Martin Malo, director of the Grafton Recruitment Agency.

In the Visegrad Four region, production operators or production workers in Poland are the worst-off, as their salary starts at about 14,000 korunas (€555) a month.

In the Czech Republic, a worker in the same position earns at least 18,000 korunas (€713). As Czech companies struggle with labor shortages, low wages in Poland are an opportunity to attract Polish workers to the Czech Republic.

In terms of qualified production positions, however, the differences in wages are not as dramatic in the Visegrad Four countries. For example, a welder in Poland can earn almost 48,000 korunas (€1,900), about 3,000 korunas (€119) more than in the Czech Republic.

There are some fields where employees earn more in other Visegrad Group cities.

For computer engineers and computer programmers, Budapest is the city where they can earn the most while Bratislava features the lowest salaries. A computer developer in Bratislava with three years’ experience earns around 35,000 korunas (€1,382) in Bratislava, 45,000 korunas (€1,783) in Prague, and 47,000 korunas (€1,862) in Budapest each month.

Experienced programmers also earn the most in Budapest, as their salary might reach up to 126,000 korunas (€4,993) per month.

In trade and marketing, Poland has the highest wages. Polish sales directors can earn at least 84,000 korunas (€3,328), while it is only 70,000 korunas (€2,774) in Czechia and 64,000 korunas (€2,536) in Slovakia.

Hungary and Poland also dominate wage statistics in the case of marketing directors. In the Czech Republic, their wages start at 60,000 korunas (€2,377).

In finance, the Czech Republic achieves the best results, while Slovakia lacks in this department. For example, a chief financial officer earns at least 77,000 korunas (€3,050) in Slovakia, while in the Czech Republic, it is up to  220,000 korunas (€8,716) per month.

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