Medical emergency can’t stop elderly woman from watching Dallas

Dallas is more important than unbearable pain.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Országos Mentőszolgálat

Even a medical emergency could not separate one elderly Hungarian woman from her beloved Dallas television program.

Last week an elderly woman from Hungary’s central Pest County called emergency services saying that a wrist injury was causing her “unbearable pain”. The operator bumped up her case to high priority and told her that the nearest rescue vehicle was on its way.

The woman then changed her mind, asking the operator to delay the rescue team because the latest rerun of U.S. soap opera Dallas just began on television.

The emergency operator asked the woman to kindly put down the remote control to avoid further strain to her wrist and wait for the arrival of emergency services.

“Our fellow rescue workers promptly treated the injury and transported the elderly woman –  in a stable condition – to the hospital. We wish her a fast recovery,” emergency service OMSZ said in a Facebook post.

The American CBS television channel ran the original Dallas show between 1978 to 1991. Despite depicting the life and feuds of a wealthy Texas family, it was allowed to be aired on many Soviet-controlled television channels in Central Europe at the time. Reruns of the show remain a favorite among older generations of Hungarians.

Title image: Cast of the original Dallas TV show. 


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