The War on Christmas comes to Poland

The War on Christmas is an obsession of those who want to force their will on the world

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Tomasz Sakiewicz

The child born to the Virgin Mary shook the world like no other birth had or has since. He was a child not born into entitlement or heir to a throne, but instead, he was armed with a prophecy of the kingdom of heaven.

Despite the positive change Christ brought to mankind, with his message of peace and life everlasting, there are those with a deep obsession to rid the West of Christmas, with the traditionally Catholic Poland no longer an exception.

This obsession comes from a failure to understand Christ’s mission of opportunity for all, an opportunity for a good life in the here and now, and after death. Though he offered much in his teachings, they all pointed the way for mankind to find inner peace.

To take Christmas away is to deprive people of a treasure that has sustained millions through the ages but that fundamental truth has not stopped them.


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