Polish Christmas with Jean Reno

A spot telling a tale about Christmas traditions in Poland has been trending around the world. Organized by the Polish National Foundation, it features renowned French actor Jean Reno in the role of a grandfather telling his granddaughter about a Polish Christmas.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Sharing a special Christmas wafer, twelve dishes at Christmas Eve, a place for an unannounced guest at the Christmas table and carol singers – all of these are but some of Poland’s Christmas traditions. These have now been brought closer to the world audience as the Polish National Foundation has created an ad showing a Polish Christmas.

“The Christmas clip with Jean Reno promotes the beauty of Polish Christmas traditions and shows the beauty of the Tatra Mountains during Winter. It builds the image of our country as one full of family warmth, rich culture, attractive to tourists and one where everyone can feel safe,” Filip Rdesiński, the head of the Polish National Foundation explained.

The ad will be emitted in both Polish and foreign TV stations.

The Sphinx in white and red

This is not the first action promoting Poland to be released by the Polish National Foundation. On occasion of Poland’s Independence Cenetary, a clip with Mel Gibson was also emitted. The Foundation is also behind the lighting up of world landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and the Great Sphinx of Giza and The Pyramids with white and red lights on November 11th.


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