Morawiecki holds talks with May over future of Poles in the UK

PM Mateusz Morawiecki met with British PM Theresa May to discuss the future of Poles living in the UK after Brexit. Morawiecki outlined that the main goals are to maintain a good partnership, and free trade with Great Britain.

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Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the Polish-British intergovernmental consultations in London. The PM outlined his goals for the meetings on Twitter:

“The situation of Poles in Great Britain is a key aspect of my talks with PM Theresa May. Our goal is to maintain free trade, which is so important to Polish companies. I believe that the British parliament will make the right decision, which will be beneficial for all sides involved.”

Morawiecki underlined that the UK is an important partner in promoting innovation and other sectors. “We’ve already spoken earlier about guarantees for Poles remaining on the British Isles,” he added during a press conference with the British PM.

“We appreciate the input that Poles have in British society,” May said. Mateusz Morawiecki also met with representatives of Poles living in the UK.

Meeting with Poles

“PM Morawiecki and PM May met with representatives of Poles living in the UK in London,” wrote the Polish Prime Minister’s Chancellery’s official twitter account.

As part of his visit to London, Morawiecki also met with the Mayor of the City of London Peter Estlin as well as representatives of the financial sector.

The Daily Telegraph interview

The day prior to his meeting with the British PM, Morawiecki applauded May for her struggle concerning Brexit negotiations in an interview for “The Daily Telegraph”. “This isn’t the darkest hour (…) although the situation might seem dangerous and uncertain. I believe that PM May will weather this storm. She fought bravely in Brexit negotiations and that in itself is worthy of respect,” concluded Morawiecki.





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