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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Theresa May Commentary

Great Britain, a country in the EU’s iron maiden

It was the worst defeat for any British government in history. Prime Minister Theresa May achieved something almost impossible, she angered Parliament, political parties and most of her nation at the same time. Yet, dogged attacks against the poor little May are quite unfair.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Theresa May Commentary

Brexit is bad for the Czech Republic

While the position of France and Germany will be strengthened by the departure of the UK from the European Union, the Czech Republic will lose its frequent ally. According to a Czech diplomat who wishes to remain anonymous, the Czech Republic will have to deal with unusual partners such as the Scandinavians, the Baltic States and Portugal.

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Brexit Donald Tusk Emmanuel Macron EU Poland Theresa May UK News

British tabloid showcases the true face of European leaders

The Sun depicts Donald Tusk and Emmanuel Macron as gangsters and dirty rats in front page news. TVP Info reminds us that former President Bronisław Komorowski praised Tusk’s nomination to European President, as “strengthening Poland’s position in Europe”.

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