Everyone is right in regards to Brexit

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In their own way everyone is right in this story. The Labour party in Great Britain has a right in demanding early elections or a second referendum after the refusal of Theresa May’s Brexit plans. From their viewpoint leaving the European Union without an agreement is not a legitimate act. Boris Johnson, the loudest critic of May is also right when he claims that Brexit without major changes in economic relations between Great Britain and the EU is actually not a Brexit. The British plan’s biggest weakness is however not that.

The main issue with May’s conception is that it wants the European Union to change its rules. The British two years ago were deciding about leaving the institution, however they were not allowed to make a decision about the Union’s principle of single market or the free movement of workers.

May is realizing that the plan from Chequers is principially rejected by Brussels. This will culminate in inner-party conflicts and chaos, which causes further radicalization, like Jeremy Hunt’s claims about the parallels between the European Union and the Soviet Union. While everyone is right in this story, the situation cannot be solved in everyone’s favor. In any case, May is preparing for another step, possibly early elections.

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