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Czexit: An unrealistic fantasy or a real post-election possibility?

The demand for a referendum on the Czech Republic’s withdrawal from the European Union is certainly not one of the key topics in the election campaign, but does hover over the conversation and has been discussed frequently in a number of debates. It is mainly brought up by the right-wing Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) […]
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British Parliament sends a clear message to Brussels

Now it is much clearer what the next Brexit steps are. The Brits want to leave the EU with a deal, changing the Irish backstop in an already negotiated proposal. Meanwhile, more delays and Labour’s alternative plan that may have led to a new referendum were rejected by Parliament.

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Morawiecki: The best scenario would be no Brexit

“The best Brexit scenario would be the one in which Britons would decide to remain in the European Union,” said PM Mateusz Morawiecki during the World Economic Forum in Davos. The PM also alluded to the words of Donald Tusk that the Brexit referendum was stupid and not agreed upon.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Theresa May Commentary

Great Britain, a country in the EU’s iron maiden

It was the worst defeat for any British government in history. Prime Minister Theresa May achieved something almost impossible, she angered Parliament, political parties and most of her nation at the same time. Yet, dogged attacks against the poor little May are quite unfair.

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Mr. Klaus, thank you for a dignified divorce with the Slovaks

Former president Václav Klaus, a controversial figure for many, is widely associated with Czech economic transformation. However, he will most likely be remembered for something else, the divorce of Czechoslovakia, which was in historical context unbelievably quiet and dignified.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Theresa May Commentary

Brexit is bad for the Czech Republic

While the position of France and Germany will be strengthened by the departure of the UK from the European Union, the Czech Republic will lose its frequent ally. According to a Czech diplomat who wishes to remain anonymous, the Czech Republic will have to deal with unusual partners such as the Scandinavians, the Baltic States and Portugal.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Commentary

Czech government approves a hard Brexit bill

The Czech Minister of the Interior, Social Democrat Jan Hamacek, prepared a bill for a hard Brexit option based on requests of all Ministries. In a worst-case scenario, it is just three months away and part of the opposition also calls for a quick adoption of the so-called lex Brexit. The Czech government approved the bill and sent it to parliament.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Václav Klaus Commentary

Klaus: The EU wants to punish the UK for saying it’s not the best

Former president Václav Klaus shared his opinion on the previous year in an interview with Giving Hungary as an example, Klaus said that both the Czech Republic and the EU need politicians with clear minds and opinions. He also criticized the European Union for its behavior towards the UK.

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British tabloid showcases the true face of European leaders

The Sun depicts Donald Tusk and Emmanuel Macron as gangsters and dirty rats in front page news. TVP Info reminds us that former President Bronisław Komorowski praised Tusk’s nomination to European President, as “strengthening Poland’s position in Europe”.

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