Hungary needs good post-Brexit relations with the UK: MEP Trócsányi

The UK remains a key partner for the EU

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Hungary will have to strive for the best possible relations with the United Kingdom after it leaves the European Union at the end of the month, conservative MEP László Trócsányi wrote in a statement of the ruling Hungarian Fidesz party’s European Parliament group.

“Following its departure, the United Kingdom will remain one of the most important partners of the European Union, thus cooperation is indispensable not only in terms of economy and trade, but also in legal, educational, social, and cultural issues,” the statement said. “Besides trade issues and the protection of internal markets, priorities include the continued flawless legal cooperation between the United Kingdom and Hungary, and we will pay special attention to that.”

Trócsányi wrote that during the entire process of negotiating bilateral agreements in all relevant fields, the protection of the interests of Hungarian citizens must be paramount. Special care needs to be taken to avoid any regression in legal cooperation, including penal and family laws.

The statement also said that besides assuring the best possible future relations with the UK, Fidesz MEPs must also work towards “opening the doors for the countries that wish to join the European Union.”

Trócsányi added that the upcoming conference on Europe’s future should also provide a good opportunity for self-examination to identify the reasons why the United Kingdom has left the European Union.

The statement also said that during a transition period expected to last until the end of this year, travel, economic and trade relations will remain unchanged with the UK.

Title image: Hungarian MEP László Trócsányi (Magyar Hírlap/Márton Ficsor)


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