Most Czechs refuse a referendum on Czexit

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Most Czechs reject a referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union and most expect Brexit to harm the EU, Czechia and the United Kingdom, according to the CVVM institute’s poll.

Only 30 percent of Czechs would support the referendum on the withdrawal of Czechia from the EU, while 54 percent of respondents would be against it.

Mostly older people and left-wing supporters would vote to hold such a referendum.

On the other hand, young people between 20 to 30 years of age as well as people with higher education are particularly opposed to it. People satisfied with their standard of living also largely disagree with the referendum.

In the case of the referendum, 21 percent of Czechs would vote to leave the EU, with 45 percent of respondents voting against.

“There was also 16 percent of those who would not participate in the potential referendum, three percent of respondents do not yet have the right to vote, and 15 percent said they do not yet know how they would vote in this referendum,” the survey said.

People who perceive their standard of living as poor and respondents who vote the Communist Party (KSČM), the Tricolor movement or the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD), would vote for leaving. People with higher education, right-wing supporters and those who are satisfied with their economic situation would support staying in the EU.

The poll also surveyed the attitude of Czechs to the UK’s departure from the EU. People believe that Brexit will harm the UK, the Czech Republic, and the EU. However, Czechs blame Brexit on both the UK and the EU.

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