We must focus on ensuring Polish rights in the UK after Brexit: Polish MEP

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The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union is regrettable, but we must now focus on ensuring Polish and EU citizens’ rights in the UK, writes MEP Beata Szydło.

After the European Parliament accepted the agreement concerning the terms of the United Kingdom leaving the EU, former Polish Prime Minister and MEP Beata Szydło commented on Facebook, “I respect the sovereign vote of British citizens, who decided to leave the EU, yet I accept this decision with sadness and regret.”

Szydło emphasized that the UK remaining in the EU would’ve made the union stronger and more resistant to crises. She added that she believed that the UK will remain an important partner with whom bilateral relations will be developed.

The MEP noted that more than 900,000 Poles live in the UK, and they had established 40,000 companies. Many of them work in trade and services, but also as teachers, doctors and financiers.

Beata Szydło stressed that the priority will now be securing of rights of Poles and other EU citizens as broadly as possible but also protecting the rights of Britons in the EU.

She explained that the agreement seems to ensure good guarantees of EU citizens’ rights protection in the UK but the correct implementation of the agreement will be key.

“Equally important is reaching EU citizens with information concerning the responsibility of registering so that they can consciously make the decision on whether they want to remain in the UK,” Szydło pointed out.

The MEP added that it is important for the UK to establish, in accordance with the agreement to leave, an independent institution which will monitor the execution of the deal in regard to citizens’ rights.

The European Parliament accepted the agreement concerning the terms of the United Kingdom leaving the EU, with 621 MEPs voting in favor, 49 against and 13 abstaining.

The vote allows EU member states to finalize the process of the UK leaving the EU. Brexit will formally take place on the night between Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.

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