Hungary ready for unregulated Brexit

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Minister Gulyás said the Hungarian government is prepared for an unregulated Brexit with respect to its nationals living there and all other aspects. He added that Hungarian citizens can already apply for permanent residence in the U.K. and will be able to retain their employment rights.

The minister said that ever since the launch of Brexit negotiations Hungary’s main aim was to achieve a regulated settlement, safeguarding the rights of Hungarian citizens learning and working in the U.K. and maintaining the closest possible economic and security policy cooperation after the country has left the EU.

Gulyás said the draft agreement – while not yet approved by either the EU or the British parliament – provides continuing and lifelong rights for all those EU citizens who opt to exercise their right to free movement up until Brexit becomes official.

The minister also said the Hungarian government is busy creating a comprehensive legal framework for post-Brexit relations with the United Kingdom, but stressed that Hungary is not among the EU member states particularly vulnerable to an unregulated divorce.

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