Jarosław Kaczyński: Towergate is a fake scandal

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Throughout the last two weeks liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza has been publishing revelations based on taped conversations between Jarosław Kaczyński and an Austrian developer who was scoping a construction project. A company owned by a foundation on the Board of which Kaczyński serves owned the land on which the construction of two towers was to take place.  

The project never came to fruition. The Austrian developer is now accusing the ruling party leader of having cheated him by not ensuring that he was paid for the work carried out.

In the interview with Sieci, Kaczyński states that “there is no financial relationship between the foundation and the party (Law and Justice)”. He argues that “there is nothing in those tapes”. However, he is anxious to put the record straight on some allegations that have been made.

First he makes it clear that a party leader has the right to be a chairman of a Board of a foundation. He regards it as “an outrageous manipulation” to claim that the matter has anything to do with the legislation on political parties which forbids them from being directly involved in commercial activities. He argues that there are no financial relations between the Law and Justice party and the foundation. “They are two totally separate institutions,” he says.

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