Brexit: To fake an agreement

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The chief editor of recalls that only eight months remain to the date of the British secession from the EU. London and Brussels still need to sign an agreement regarding exact divorce conditions in a very limited time.

Theresa May was able to present her vision in a recent White paper, which can be seen as an alternative between the political logic of Brexit and the economic logic of the British and European market. It creates an opportunity to remain in economic cooperation but at the same time provides space to create individual business agreements. It also helps to avoid the economical succession of Northern Ireland. All of these elements are representing a problem for the European Union for different reasons.

While the positions of the two sides are clearly incompatible, the solution is impossible without a withdrawal. If May steps back it is even possible that the Eurosceptic MPs of the British parliament will block any kind of agreement, which would mean a political and economic nightmare for both sides.

According to Geist, a small change in negotiations is clearly visible. The European Union is softening its position regarding the methods while the principles are unchanged. The journalist, referring to the Financial Times, says that the Union will be content with a “faked” agreement on future relations, which would mean a general declaration about Brexit. This kind of an agreement will say nothing directly about the nature of the economic cooperation and foggy formulation could be interpreted by both sides in their favor. It is not something that will please the supporters of hard Brexit, but it is enough to create a temporary agreement, Geist concludes.

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