After Brexit, Slovakia wants to attract its citizens back

Slovakia is preparing a pilot project in connection with Brexit which aims to attract its citizens from Britain back to their homeland.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Next week, representatives of the Slovak government and representatives of local companies will head to London to offer to the Slovaks working in the UK several dozen jobs in the field of IT and corporate services.

Slovak Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatisation, Richard Raši said that there are tens of thousands of Slovaks in the UK who could be uncertain about their future in Britain. The Slovak government, therefore, prepares incentives which should attract their citizens. Raši admits that salaries abroad are higher, but the cost of living in Slovakia is way cheaper.

Apart from IT, the government also looks for economists and accountants. Besides the authorities, private companies in the field of information and communication technologies also participate in the project. The government is even ready to help the Slovaks with the handling of formalities when moving back home.

“We offer them interesting jobs, Slovaks abroad probably have perfect English, and they can work hard,” said vice-president of the IT Association of Slovakia, Mário Lelovský. He added that salaries in centers of shared services reach 1,800 euros per month and 2,000 euros in the IT sector. This is significantly higher than the average salary in Slovakia.

In 2015, the Slovak government launched another program to support the return of experts, including scientists, to their homeland. Despite the financial incentives, the project budget was not fully drawn, and only about two dozen jobs were given. The reason for low interest was also the fact that the state did not offer specific positions.


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