Morawiecki: Avoiding chaotic no-deal Brexit should be top priority

More than a million Poles live in the UK

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: PR24
via: PAP

Morawiecki reacted to the decision by British MPs who voted in favor of an amendment that obliges the British PM to ask the EU to delay Brexit, which was to take place on October 31st. Boris Johnson said earlier that he will not comply with parliament’s request.

The Polish PM shared his views on the matter through Twitter, saying that the top priority should be avoiding a “chaotic” and no-deal Brexit:

Deputy Polish Foreign Minister Konrad said that Saturday’s vote merely postpones the “key decision” concerning Brexit.

On Saturday, the British parliament voted in favor of postponing accepting the new Brexit deal negotiated by Boris Johnson, claiming that more time is needed to study its contents and to introduce the necessary legislature.

UK PM Boris Johnson said that he “will not negotiate a delay with the EU and the law does not compel me to do so.” He argued that further delay would be pointless and incredibly costly and that the it would be “best” for the UK and Europe for his country to leave on the 31st of October with the new deal.


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